Telescopic Belt Conveyor is automatic loading/unloading equipment whose length is controllable.
It is widely used in logistics, ports, docks, stations, airports and warehouses, involving industries of post, home appliances, food, tobacco and light industry.
It saves time of carrying back and forth and therefore makes the delivery work more efficient and less intensive, and also does less damage to the goods and helps enterprises decrease costs and increase efficiency and quality.

Flexible Powered Roller Conveyor is absolutely an durable & expandable motorized roller conveyor with Max. load capacity of 100kg/m.
It can be operation in two directions with adjustable speed and working height. Having enough power supply by one mini motor per meter, it is well qualified to intensively transport goods especially with flat bottom in the warehouse, workshop, factory, harbor, dock, etc.
In addition, it can be applied to such situations as production-packing line, temporary conveying line and goods distribution line. It satisfies the easy, quick and efficient goods delivery.

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